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Paid media marketing


Even when you have a plethora of options to market your products and services online for free, if you really need to make the benefit of marketing online, paid marketing is a must. There are diverse platforms, techniques and methods that can be used to run paid marketing campaigns online. Paid marketing are diverse in nature; you can buy keywords on search engine results page, you can show your ads on different websites, you can use video advertisements on videos streaming sites and show advertisements on social media platforms. You need to pay royalty to these platforms based on different actions such as clicks, views and interaction of the users with the ads.

Google Paid Ads,YouTube Paid Ads, Facebook Paid Advertising, Twitter Paid Advertising, LinkedIn Paid Advertising, Remarketing Ads and Campaign Management Agency in UAE

Google Paid Ads

Drive relevant traffic from Google display and search networks.

YouTube Paid Ads

Place video ads on YouTube channels for quality leads.

Facebook Paid Advertising

Use Facebook to display your offers to relevant audience.

Twitter Paid Advertising

Get offers and promotions to the people who don’t follow you.

LinkedIn Paid Advertising

Make use of the biggest professional network to your advantage.

Remarketing Ads

Remarket your ads to customers interested in your ads.

Why chose us for your paid digital campaigning?

Endowed with a team of experienced digital marketing professionals, we can help you with all your paid social media marketing services. Irrespective of the nature and size of your operations, we can craft paid social media campaigns to achieve whatever business goals that you have set in no time. With intelligently devised plans to engage the audience and lure them to your services, we are the most reliable digital marketing agency you need who can help you make every dime you spend count.

ProgDest - Software Firm & Digital Marketing Company